SHAN TEMURI is a stylist with an international resume that boasts collaborations with brands such as Chanel Haute Couture and L'ORÉAL.

Having worked in London, UK for three years and now back in North America, his professional and artistic identity have solidified into a practice based in using the everyday as inspiration, his work showcasing the potential life can hold.

Shan’s vision is imaginative – knowing that imagination is the tool of progress. Shan celebrates and uses it to ask us questions, implementing roles to help viewers connect with his aesthetic. Shan’s work proposes that these images of fantasy are a reflection of our reality and his artistic method is an explosive collision of the arts and commerce.

Shan’s work is soaked in the information that he absorbs – including trends, as well as cultural and social climates and movements. He aims to look at the realities of our world through an artistic lens to translate our past, present and future into cohesive concepts and images.

In addition to his impressive editorial work Shan is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of ARCHETYPE Magazine, a visually-stimulating and boundary-pushing publication that has worked with an impressive roster of renowned photographers and top models from around the world.