TAGEN DONOVAN is a London based Artist specializing in Editorial Collage. She has worked on a number of visually engaging projects hosted by a network of niche international fashion publications such as : Le Mile Magazine, Novembre, Archetype, Teeth Magazine, Chasseur and NR Magazine and more. Tagen has also been part of group Art Exhibitions in London, New York and California with recognition from large media platforms such as MTV and Coeval Magazine.

Growing up in London, spending the most part as a child shifting between her mother's theatre on wheels, surrounded by thespians and her father's photographic studio in West London, Tagen was able to absorb the frantic visual language she was accustomed to and as a result she has been able to articulate her world of visual chaos into free flowing collages that centralize around texture and colour - themes that work harmoniously hand in hand with fashion related projects, lending an air of contemporary artistic value to her extensive oeuvre.

Inspiration for Tagen is drawn from fervent colours found in the theatrics of contemporary culture — often referencing female forms throughout her work, Tagen’s careful dissection and use of tangible methods mimic natural curves and provide a sense of animation throughout.